Any international bloggers want to do a swap???

I am in the U.S so I have access to tons of drugstore stuff and I also work at MAC in a cosmetics department where I get a discount. So lets say we agree to a $75 limit, you would get more bang for your buck because i get discounted merchandise. Also I can through in lots of awesome MAC samples! :D 

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A summer bridal look on a client! She has hardly any brows and I was lucky to have her trust me to show her how to fill them in to be bold and natural. 
I used Studio Tech foundation, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Peachy Keen Blush, Blunt contouring powder and Vanilla Pigment as highlight for her face makeup.
Her brows are Dipdown fluid line and charcoal brown eyeshadow. 
Lips are Syrup Lustre Lipstick and Lovechild Lipglass. 
I used a variety of eyeshadows that I don’t completely remember.

all products are by M.A.C :)

Guys I have been so absent lately! I have been crazy busy getting started with MAC and it has been amazing. Today I attended fall update and tomorrow I have an orientation. I love my job but I miss my blog!

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Seven Deadly Sins - Sloth! Bubbles! Bubbles everywhere! So instead of going the “lazy, slob” etc, route I went with more of a day dreamer look for Sloth. I took inspiration from this artwork:
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BRB going to find these
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