I got this little beauty from my mom for Christmas because I needed another free form palette and I am obsessed with cute packaging. I had her order it for me but she picked it out! 

It was ordered from the Etsy shop AnotherSoul and they have a ton of others designs on their page 
It was 13.99 plus like $4 for shipping. And I have to tell you guys it was worth EVERY penny.

This palette is so cute but it is also so so sturdy. It is entirely made from hand and the seller did a fantastic job. It closes tightly, has a perfect weight to it, and all of my depotted shadows attach well to the magnetic insert (I attach zinc tabs to the bottom of the pans if they don’t stick on their own) 

It is a little bit smaller than my Z Palette but honestly I think you could fit maybe one of two more pans in a Z Palette so its not a huge difference. The seller also makes bigger palettes, but they are closer to $25-$30.

Over all I HIGHLY recommend these palettes and I love supporting independent entrepreneurs. And I mean, LOOK AT HOW CUTE IT IS. 

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